13. March 2024

An Intro to Data Build Tool (dbt)

DBT is a tool to simplify populating the relationships between different tables. With DBT, you can specify the queries used to create your tables, as well as parameterizing portions of those queries. You can also add data tests.


13. November 2023

Finding Sator Squares

I had a visit with my mother recently where she introduced me to the idea of Sator Squares. It’s a five letter acrostic, popular in ancient Rome, and originally rediscovered during the excavation of Pompei and Herculaneum. It has the interesting property that transposition of the matrix is an identity operation.


25. October 2023

An uninformative error in bigquery

Just a quick note about an uninformative error I saw in bigquery the other day and was having trouble finding on google. If you see the error:

MaterializedView is required for DerivationSpec

When trying to create a materialized view in bigquery on google cloud platform (GCP), it means you didn’t specify the query, or including an empty query. It’s an easy mistake to make. Maybe this will help someone some day.