09. May 2024

Using ollama to make an epub synopsis

Like everyone else, I do my best to read many books, and like many, I find it to be a challenge, not just in finding the time, but also I found after you’ve read enough books, especially non-fiction, a lot of the book seems like filler. Different books on the same subject will cover the same material, or the author will be needlessly verbose in covering a topic. I thought ‘if I just want to read this book for the content, not the style, could I shorten it with an ai tool to ease some of the pain points?’


20. March 2024

An Intro to Data Build Tool (dbt) Hooks

DBT supports hooks, which are a mechanism for running operations at different points of the execution of your DBT DAG. This is useful for running operations like adding a record to an audit table, running specific reports, and more.