18. January 2022

The Best And Worst Words In Wordle

Wordle is a popular word deduction game. The aim is to guess a word given six guesses. You can only guess valid English words that are in wordle’s dictionary. Each wrong guess will yield hints. A letter highlighted in yellow indicates it matches the target word somewhere. A letter marked in green indicates the correct letter in the correct position. I feel like a branching strategy (preferably choosing from common letters) is the best. But what word should you start with? And what is the worst word to start with?


29. December 2021

Using an Artie 3000 as a Plotter

When I was a child, they had a plotter at my mom’s office. I don’t remember the model, but it was something like a HP 7550A. I was fascinated by it, and I’m sure I watched it go for many hours. From that, I’ve always loved plotter technology. I’ve always kind of wanted to make my own. Last year, the urge became too great and I tried out the branchiograph project. I didn’t get the best results for various reasons.


02. November 2021

Finding Latent Faces-with Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Non-negative matrix factorization is a fast technique for generating embeddings from a dataset. More concretely, given a matrix you can decompose it into two matrices that are approximattely multiplicands of the matrix. I.e. given matrix M, it finds matrices A and B such that M ≈ AB.