10. March 2022

BrainF Interpreter In Scratch

Since late 2012, I’ve been a parent. My oldest is an absolutely avid coder. He loves the scratch programming language, and has made an incredibly bevy of spectacular games, originally by following griffpatch tutorials, and then moving on to his own stuff.

As a way of sharing time with him, I do some scratch of my own. It’s a fun way of spending time together and encouraging his interest. Of course, as a professional software developer I like to explore what I can accomplish in a given environment. So I thought I would implement the esoteric langage BrainFrig in scratch.


03. March 2022

Automatic Word of the Day

Since 2007 I’ve been keeping up my own personal word of the day blog. I started it back in the heyday of google reader. In those days I was subscribed to several word of the day blogs and wanted to do one of my own. I’ve gone through phases of posting more and less. Some years I posted every day, and toward the late teens I had single digits of posts for several years running.


22. February 2022

What is Canada's Largest Transitless Municipality?

Happy 2s Day.

I was chatting with my brother the other day, and he opined that I may live in Canada’s largest municipality that doesn’t have a municipal bus transit system. Of course I was interested to find out which is the biggest Canadian city without buses, so here we go.