17. May 2017

Intro to Bayesian Classifiers

Bayes’ theorem is a way of determining the likelihood of an event A given that another event B has occurred. It’s a way of making an educated guess without much information to go on.


27. January 2017

Verifying methods using rubycheck

rubycheck is a library implementing similar functionality to the quickcheck library in haskell. Using rubycheck, you can write assertions that a method works for all given inputs meeting a given criteria. Of course, the implementation is to just try a bunch of options and see whether they all meet the desired outcome. Using rubycheck gives you the power to verify your code works for a wider variety of cases than you might normally put into a unit test (or at least lets you hide the random input generator within a gem).


04. October 2016

Trying Out Perfect

I’ve been meaning to try out swift for a while. I finally got some motivation to push it to the top of the “things to learn” queue today, when a coworker announced an upcoming seminar at work, all about learning perfect, which is one of the leading web frameworks written in swift.