A Ruby Pipe

Written by Ben Wendt

Javascript is going to get a pipeline operator any day now, and I love working with it in elixir, so I thought I’d try to make one in ruby.

So here’s an implementation

    class Object
      def pipe arg

And it works like this:

    plus1 = -> (x) {x+1}
    1.pipe(plus1) # 2
    1.pipe(plus1).pipe(plus1) # 3

And you can do things like add a logging aspect:

    putit = ->(x) {puts x; x}
    1.pipe(plus1).pipe(putit).pipe(plus1) # outputs 2 and returns 3

It’s pretty neat, but it only works with lambdas and procs for now. And it’s obviously not standard ruby so you’d be swimming against the tide if you tried to do anything useful with this.