Android Game Development

Written by benwendt

Wanting to expand my horizons a little, I decided to give android game development a try. I quickly prototyped a game in canvas + js called protect your thing to give myself an idea of how it would work on the android platform. This was a natural prototyping choice for me because I’ve been working with JS code daily for at least a decade now, and I love playing with canvas. (I frequently will whip up a little graphic in canvas reminiscent of my early QBasic coding days, but flavoured by the years of studying mathematics that followed).



With a prototype of a slightly enjoyable game complete, I set out on the path of android game development. Sereptitiously, the android graphics library has a canvas class that enabled all the stuff I’m used to being able to do in js. Beyond that, I looked up how to make an event loop and started hacking. The result is half-decent. It’s not a AAA game, and it has a few warts, but it was an excellent learning experience and I’m happy and proud to have made it. Check it out:

Protect Your Thing!