15. September 2016

The World's Simplest IRC Bot - Again

I was talking to a colleague who was expounding about the coolness of elixir. So I thought I should give it a try. In the spirit of doing something non-trivial to learn a new tool, I decided to port over the IRC bot I’ve been working on in go and ruby (which passes my bar for non-triviality).


01. September 2016

The World's Simplest IRC Bot

I saw an article on twitter about writing an IRC bot in ruby. It piqued my interest because of nostalgia and because I’m a slack curmudgeon. I believe that IRC has value. I never actually got around to trying the cinch gem that the article recommends, although if I ever need to do anything serious in this realm it wil be the first tool I turn to.


08. April 2016

Designing Models for 3D Printing in openSCAD

My work (TWG) has a 3D printer for employees to play with and use. Sometime last summer I downloaded some train tracks from thingiverse and printed them for my son to play with. He loves the custom tracks dearly. He’s always excited to visit my work to see what a coworker called “the toy factory”. And often he will ask me to print him something while I’m at work. So I get a lot of emotional reward from using this machine.


04. April 2016

Playing with Vue.js

A coworker recently filled my ear with praise for vue.js. I’m always eager to try new frameworks, and the benefits over angular (namely performance and simplicity) sound really promising. I haven’t had a chance to develop anything serious with this, but my initial attempt was exhilirating.


27. March 2016

Relevance Graphing

Last month a workmate and I flew down to San Francisco to go to elasticon.

I attended an interesting talk given two employees of Giant Oak. Giant Oak does contracting for government agencies to try to solve social problems. I am not sure if this is their motto but one of the speakers say that they “see the people behind the data,” which sounds really cool.